From June this year, we were fortunate enough to be able to assist one of our laboratory ”Circular Asset Seller” clients to help them re-allocate other assets they were looking to offload to other industries & sectors.

As the type of equipment they had available was predominantly Bulk handling manufacturing equipment, which was outside our standard scope of high value, portable, plug & play type assets (primarily in laboratory equipment), we took this project on as a Bespoke Consulting Project.
Despite being in stage 4 restrictions & lockdowns here in Melbourne (where our head office is), plus where this equipment was based for almost the entirety of this project, we are absolutely delighted to announce that only 4 months since we first started the project, we have been able to re-allocated the majority of this bulk equipment!
However, we need your help! Whilst over 70% of the equipment has now been re-allocated, we currently still have the following items still looking for a new home:
BULK CONVEYOR SYSTEM (click on the pictures below to watch short videos of the system in operation):














1 – Multiple conveyor system (See below) Multiple conveyor systems for CHEP size Pallets. Pallet stacker,
light curtains and perimeter fencing incl control / electrical cabinet.
1.1 Standard CDLR pallet conveyor 3642.5 mm long x 1380 mm wide
1.2 Drag Chain pallet conveyor with rise and fall unit (2 conveyors) 3460 mm long x 1035 mm wide
1.3 CDLR Pallet Conveyor 1304.2 mm long x 1270¹ mm wide
1.4 Drag Chain pallet conveyor with rise and fall unit (2 conveyors) 1110 mm long x 1035 mm wide
1.5 Drag chain pallet conveyor 3020 mm long x 990 mm wide
1.6 Drag chain pallet conveyor 1870 mm long x 990 mm wide
1.7 Pallet Stacker
1.8 Machine perimeter fencing including 2 x light curtains approx 30 Metres
1.9 Pallet stacker perimeter fencing incl light curtain approx 3.5 metres
1.10 Control hub / Electrical cabinet AB PLC 1769 L32E and touch screen
Monorail Assy – rated to 1.6 tonne – 9890mm Column centres 4110 mm high.
Refer image, the structure painted yellow:
Further images & layout can be provided:
If you or someone within your network may be interested in any of this equipment, please contact lupteam@www.lupglobal.com for a confidential discussion & for us to be able to provide any further information.
Thanking everyone in our network in advance for all your assistance & support. Together, we truly can help minimise landfill & retain the value of precious resources to promote a more Circular World!

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