We believe the circular economy is one of the best tools we have for innovative, resilient, profitable and sustainable business. Our workshops, launched in 2018, help businesses and community groups to get ‘under the hood’ of the circular economy, explore the opportunities and examine the benefits for their organisations. Delegates liked the wide range of examples, the hands-on activities and the way it helped them generate ideas for their own products or services.

The workshops led to requests for one-to-one coaching sessions, helping people dig deeper into value opportunities: including new markets, revenue streams, and stronger customer relationships.

Catherine Weetman uses her broad business background and wide-ranging circular economy knowledge to provide relevant, innovative examples and help people build a business case for change.

Peter Desmond helps drive conversation from ideas to action, using his wealth of financial knowledge, strategic insight and international experience with Tomorrow’s Company, backed up with his recent Master’s degree at Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK.

In 2019, we’ll expand the workshops for business groups, universities, accelerator hubs and social enterprises. Bespoke, in-house workshops can help people think differently about sustainable strategies and value opportunities.

We plan to create online toolkits, helping busy people to get started with the circular economy, using it to build a more resilient, competitive business, without taking time out of the office.

Our mission is to help businesses and community groups to understand, use, and benefit from the circular economy. We want to help you unlock that potential and use circular approaches to make a better world: for your organisation, your partners and your customers.

More information can be found at https://www.re-think.me.uk/

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