We are excited to share that LUP has officially been included in the People’s Choice Award for The Circle Awards AUS & NZ 2021!

The Circle Awards is an annual programme that brings together the diverse businesses, organisations, projects and people adopting circular practices to create a world where nothing goes to waste.

The main purpose of this Award is to recognise the commitment and build credibility as pioneers contributing to a world without waste, foster a culture of collaboration with like-minded businesess and build awareness in new audiences.

Choosing more conscious alternatives doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, cost or experience. This award was made to support all businesses and people who believe that by empowering consumers to make more informed purchases, we can transform the economic system into a viable & valuable mainstream business model that benefits everyone.

Please support our work by voting for us (it´s super fast we promise :)!) -before May 28th- in the link below:

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