LUP is currently seeking assets within the veterinary sector

We are proud to announce that we continue to grow & branch out to new industry sectors. The latest of which is veterinary surgery. But we need your help to get the word out if you have or know of anyone who has this equipment.

We are currently seeking a PLASMA STERILISATION UNIT. This is a low temperature plasma sterilizer which is essential to sterilize heat and moisture sensitive medical equipment –common in veterinary practice-. It also allows for the sterilization of single use equipment and devices, making this practice more environmentally friendly and reducing costs.

Adding to this item, we are also looking for a LigaSure. This is an advance cautery unit used in surgery, which can be used to seal blood vessels up to 7mm in diameter. This device greatly reduces the time taken to perform surgery, reduces blood loss and shortens recovery times.

Meanwhile within this same sector, we are also seeking potential buyers for this surgical microscope.

It is a M690 Surgical Microscope with MEL48 motorized zoom and focus microscope, manufactured by Wild Heerbrugg (Switzerland).



To see more assets we have available for sale please check them here.

If you own any of these assets we are currently seeking or you are interested in the surgical microscope, please contact us to have a confidential discussion with a member of our team, who will be happy to assist you in the process.

We are eternally grateful and privileged to be working and having a part of our network, some of the most amazing organisations out there focused on the highest social, environmental and ethical causes, contributing to our mission of making our world a better place.

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