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We continue our journey towards more sustainable approaches to make a better business and a better world. Media has a lot to do to support this change in the way we do things, and that is why we are so proud of participating in this interview with The Shift.

Emerging technologies – accelerated by COVID-19 and shifting geo-political dynamics – are transforming the future of work and fast tracking the shift to the digital economy. These changes present challenges and opportunities – displacing some and activating others towards new spheres of wealth and influence. The Shift brings the latest news and analysis on the technology, industry and investment trends that are shaping the future of work and driving the digital economy.

In this inspiring interview, our CEO Noreen Kam talks about our journey with LUP and the circular asset management solution we`ve developed for LUP Global’s customers. She also commented why the next 18 months will be pivotal in showcasing the benefits of circular economy principles, as disrupted supply chains caused by COVID-19 have revealed limitations in the globalised model.

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Thanks The Shift for having us! Let´s keep showing the world that there is a better way to do things 🙂

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