Our first podcast with ReThink Global was released!

We are so excited to announce the release of our first podcast with our amazing Circular Economy partners in the UK ReThink Global, and the award winning CE author Catherine Weetman. Catherine is a circular economy business advisor, workshop facilitator, speaker and writer.  Her award-winning book A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains, includes a wealth of wide-ranging examples and tips on getting started.  She founded Rethink Global in 2013, to help businesses use circular, sustainable approaches to make a better business (and a better world).

In this incredibly inspiring podcast, our CEO Noreen Kam and Chairman Michael Brown talk about the circular asset management solution we`ve developed for LUP Global’s customers.

Listen an extract of the interview by clicking on the picture!

Benefits of circular strategies

Noreen explains the massive opportunities that exist for companies to reduce their Capex (capital expenditure) by up to 60%, improve the performance and lifetime cost of equipment by 40%, and to recover value from the equipment at the end of its service period. She gives excellent examples to show how organizations can work jointly with LUP as buyers or sellers, and enhance the value of their assets considerably.

Michael talks about the mindset shift that is required to understand the importance of circular strategies, and mentions how this approach is normal in the airline industry, where often the airline doesn´t own anything – the plane, the engines, even the seats. Under this model, everything is owned, provided and maintained by the suppliers – you may have heard of the Rolls Royce example, selling power by the hour so you purchase the performance of the engine, instead of buying the engine itself. He highlights our vision that promotes the utilisation of assets to the fullest of their life, which demands discipline to have an appropriate register to record and manage the use of it.

Noreen and Michael mention to Catherine that this approach isn’t used in many other industry sectors, and this is one of our greatest motivations for developing our business model, to help companies to get benefits from this circular asset management approach, starting with laboratory equipment.


Check Catherine´s Circular Economy Podcast clicking on the picture!

It was so inspiring having this conversation with partners that are as passionate as us when talking about these life-changing topics! We are extremely happy for this great achievement and we hope this was just the first one of many more.

Thanks Catherine and the whole team of ReThink Global, let´s keep showing the world that there is a better way to do things 🙂

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