Free webinar: Circular Procurement & Asset Management & Re-engaging Team Cultures

This is a global event, to check the time in your part of the world, click here Circular procurement & Asset Management with Noreen Kam, Founder of LUP Global and Michael Brown, Chairman of LUP & former GM of Supply Chain at Qantas

What is Circular Procurement?

Circular procurement can be defined as the process by which private or public authorities purchase works, goods or services that seek to contribute to closed energy and material loops within supply chains, whilst minimizing, and in the best case avoiding, negative environmental impacts and waste creation across their whole life-cycle. In this webinar, we introduce a new model in Circular Asset Management, the LUP Model. An innovative and collaborative way of managing assets that creates a WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties involved, including our planet.’

Why should you want to attend this webinar?

  • Gain an introduction to Circular Asset Management
  • Understand how you can not only create significant cost savings, but also contribute to the ongoing sustainability of our planet
  • Understand aviation as a prior best practice model
  • Discover the LUP Model in Circular Asset Management

Re-Engaging Team Cultures with Steven Farrugia, Evolutionary Growth Hacker and Founder of ShareTree Inc. Steven will discuss:

  • Types of effects on team cultures caused by Covid-19
  • What were the key aspects of the cultures that united and those that fragmented – disengaged vs engaged
  • Our collective road to recovery
  • How to build resilience into team cultures to withstand challenges.
Steven is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, business strategist and advisor. He has a diverse range of experience and knowledge in all aspects of business and has founded the ShareTree group of companies. Acting as a Director on multiple boards, Steven has a passion and purpose to help people, businesses and societies to evolve. Steven has 15+ years’ experience running sustainable social businesses, and coaching businesses and individuals. He is highly attuned to character, organisational psychology, meditation and human performance.

Event Brought to You by ShareTree Inc & SCLAA

ShareTree charitable social purpose network who studied the defining success factors of 47 companies over ten years to understand the key ingredients for success. Using this knowledge together with science and psychology, we developed a formula for engaging and motivating teams. We are now making these leanings available, as well as introducing tools to build leaders and engaged team cultures. Now more than ever, people need to feel purposeful, connected and valued.

Supply Chain and Logistics Association Australia (SCLAA)

SCLAA is Australia’s largest association for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioner. SCLAA run the largest supply chain and logistics events across Australia. Additionally, they co-organise joint events with other respected Industry Partners and support selected Industry Conferences. SCLAA Members and National Partners attend industry speaking events, networking events and site visits as well as an annual Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards (ASCLA) which are rotated around cities across Australia. 

Who will benefit from this workshop?

CEOs, Directors, Organisational leaders, Human Resources leaders. Learning & Development leaders, Culture & Well-being leaders, Coaches, Performance Consultants, Team Leaders, and any person seeking higher personal and team performance.

What do people have to say about this workshop?

“I can confidently say that ShareTree is at the cutting edge of the sciences of education, psychology and whole organisation change. They are innovative, dedicated, and determined in their practical idealism to benefit humanity.” – Dr Derek Patton, PhD Character Psychologist of University of Melbourne

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