We are delighted to introduce Felipe Soraires to the LUP Global Team. Felipe joins LUP as a valued representative to help us continue to grow our network within Australasia.

With his unique network and experience we are extremely fortunate to have him onboard, also be able to assist us for our future developments when we are ready to enter into the South America’s for us to continue to truly make a global impact.

Felipe has wide experience in the International Business area, both in the private and public sectors. Having worked several years on the promotion of trade and investment between Australia and Latin America, he developed a deep understanding of both markets, including industries such as mining, agribusiness, technology, education, energy and resources.

Felipe holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the National University of Rosario, Argentina. While studying he worked in different organizations and industries, from NGOs to medical institutions. He has a strong social commitment, which made him become involved in different projects in his country and around the world.

His +? He is a very friendly and social person, who really enjoys teamwork, practice outdoor sports and sharing quality time with mates –maybe with a cold pint in between-.

Let’s find out a little more through a few questions

Why joining LUP?

Felipe : “After working for ten years in different companies, I wanted to be part of a project that I truly believe on, with some values and goals that I share personally and professionally. I consider that the main purpose of LUP as a company is something that will make me work hard to get it and that is why I want to be part of this project.”

3 adjectives to describe yourself

Passionate, determinant, tolerant

What are your passions?

Travelling, learn about different cultures, sustainability, having good and interesting conversations with friends/people in general.

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