Written By: Felipe Soraires, LUP Global circular asset consultant

“Challenging times require innovative solutions”.

Since we started with LUP back in 2017 – people that follow us know that we are in a constant learning process to understand how we can provide smart solutions to make a better world for next generations. Of course we never imagined that we would be facing a global pandemic just a few years later. To navigate these difficult times we all need to look for new ways – game changers in how we operate. Through INNOVATION we can find smarter ways to collaborate. 

If you start collaborating with people and partners who share the same values, then even the most difficult situations won´t be enough to make you fall down. This is the case of Peak Scientific, one of our dearest and closest strategic partners.

The pandemic has taught us that we need to think differently and fast, and Peak is definitely doing that, contributing with innovative and more important than ever now SAFE solutions for laboratories to source industrial gas. 

As all businesses opening up in Australia (especially in Melbourne) need a COVID safe plan, Peak´s on site gas generators are a great solution to significantly reduce the risks associated with COVID contact transmissions. Traditional sources of gas with off-site gas generation require constant contact with too many people: picking up the cylinders at the gas companies, then truck delivery to site (not to mention health and environment risks due to the high storage pressures of cylinders/ boil-off gas options). This is creating a very serious concern in many customers, given the current health situation we are facing.

Peak´s on site generators not only reduce the risks associated with COVID contact transmissions, with far fewer regular cylinder deliveries to the lab and less manual handling, but also reduce the risks associated with the supply chain, as maximizing uptime of your laboratory with your own on site generators eliminates the risk of unexpected breakdowns. 

LUP facilitates customers in conjunction with Peak’s technical experts to assure a greener way forward with major return on investments for your business with less unnecessary physical contact to make your business safer for you and each employee.

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