It is rare to come across individuals where you have an immediate connection and such close alignment of values, that it was ideal synchronicity when LUP Global was privileged enough to have met and been able to partner with the amazing Steven Farrugia, now a key member of the LUP Global Board acting as a Non-Executive Director.

Founder of both ShareTree and Vative, Steven has 24+ years of experience in Business Strategy, Character Development, Cultivating Thriving Cultures, Leadership Development, Performance Incentive Systems, Charity Organisations, Business Start-Ups, Software Engineering, App Development, Finance, Strategic Marketing, Customer Solutions, Executive Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Lean Six-Sigma Continuous Improvement Systems, Maintenance, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Warehousing, and having a meaningful and fun life.

Steven’s track record includes:

  • 14-year international career at Bosch
  • Winner of 2017 Creative Innovation Conference Scholarship
  • Finalist of Australian Young Achiever Award
  • Founder and Director of ShareTree, Vative Group, MyEye Group, Diaro
  • Advises & coaches several boards, start-ups & internationally organisations

Discover Steven through its interview !

1. Why does global wealth inequality mean so much to you & ShareTree’s values?
SF : At the root of all limitation to people’s opportunities to meet to their fullest potential & by their purpose is a limitation of enough. The amount of benefit that those receive that hold excessive wealth is completely disproportionate to the amount of limitation it poses to the rest of humanity.

Currently, the world average income ration between highest and lowest paid workers in corporations is 276 times to 1. This means the average worker that earns USD40K the highest paid worker earns USD11 million and 40K per annum, and that’s only the average.
A fair distribution of wealth through research and surveying is a ratio of 30 : 1. That is equivalent to USD40K to USD1.2 million per annum. Any realistic human being luxuriously live on USD1.2 million per annum.

It is ShareTree’s objective is to provide transparency so that people can use their buying power and employer choice power to make sustainable choices in purchasing and employment to correct this imbalance.

We will do this by educating mindsets and team cultures about gratitude for individuals, schools, community organisations and businesses. By engaging and connecting the skills of people and businesses with schools and community organisations through purpose aligned volunteering.

2. How do you see these values aligning with the broader vision of LUP?
SF : The ShareTree application provides an algorithm to connect people’s purpose and passion to the UN sustainable goals through 9 key global initiatives:

  1.  Wealth equality / Income equality
  2. Environment & Energy
  3.  Human ethics & Character
  4. Education
  5.  Clean Water & Food
  6.  Health issues
  7. Rights Equality
  8. Shelter
  9. Global Peace

LUP Global will be the ShareTree leading partner for initiatives related to 2. Environment & Energy.

3. What would be your ideal vision for our planet?
SF : To create a fairer world where every person has the opportunity to realise their full potential.

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