Interview with Dr Nicole Pendini, General Manager at Peak Gas Generation Oceania, strategic partners with LUP Global


Peak Scientific (a Peak Gas Generation brand) is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and support of high-performance gas generators for analytical laboratories through to large scale industrial applications. With over two decades of experience in pioneering reliable gas generator technology, Peak gas generation leads the market for on-site nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and zero air gas generation systems.

An on-site gas generator from Peak Scientific is the practical and cost-effective alternative to pressurized cylinders and bulk liquid delivery. Traditional sources of gas incur on-going delivery, administration, rental, OHE and staffing costs.All of which impact on facility budgets and overall business profitability. Peak´s forte is in providing their customers with unrivalled peace of mind and hassle free; high quality, dependable gas generation solutions – designed and tailored to meet the specific application demands for pressure, flow and purity. This comes backed up by their world-class technical support and on-going service care throughout the generators lifespan. With a rapid response and offices on every continent, they deliver a local service on a global scale.

Through their scientific expertise, Peak Scientific has developed and provide on-site gas solutions to a range of OEM’s specialty equipment and applications including; food and beverage, packaging, purging, blanketing, Bag-in-box (BIB), 3-D printing, synthetic diamond production, aquiculture, through to gas required for nappy ‘fluffing’ and plastics recycling.

Peak partner only with trusted, respected and like-minded, customer and solution orientated colleagues. Peak Scientific Instruments (Peak Oceania) is proud to name LUP Global as a strategic partner, working together towards a circular economy, reducing our environmental impact and local waste, to make a global impact.

Here, LUP Global founder; Noreen Kam discusses the importance of collaboration and sustainable outcomes with Peak Gas Generation Oceania; General Manager Dr Nicole Pendini.

A huge milestone for LUP has been this first OEM strategic partnership with Peak and our combined GREEN focus. How does this partnership benefit more businesses within the Science, technology, medical, manufacturing and agriculture industries?

LUP and Peak share the same, and some may say simple vision:waste prevention. This could be landfill waste due to incorrect purchasing decisions, not fit for purpose, sub-par quality and lack of longevity of products. Incorrect procurement is wasted effort, time and of course money. We want to see fit for purpose procurement and products that last, rather than simply being replaced, equating to increasing landfill. Peak primarily focus on our products lasting 10 – 15 years +. We refit compressors rather than replacing completely in order to maximise their lifespan, reduce metal landfill waste and of course, reduce overall cost. Peak offer rental and repurposing of gas generators through our partners LUP global.

LUP is extremely well connected to logistics, procurement and end-users in need of reliable and constant gas supply. Critical gas applications include: Covid-19 vaccine and other drug discovery, R&D, pharmaceutical and natural product manufacturing, water testing, 3-D printing, though to food safety: nitrogen gas is used to assure for longevity and sterility of food which is so important now more than ever. Traditional sources of gas require off-site gas generation, then frequent delivery by truck to site, incur on-going delivery, administrative and rental costs in addition to health and environment considerations due to the high storage pressures of cylinders/ boil-off gas options.

On-site gas generation is safe, lower overall running cost and significantly reduces carbon footprint due to constant truck deliveries required for cylinders. LUP facilitates customers in conjunction with Peak’s technical experts to assure a greener way forward with major return on investments for end-users and businesses.


How do you see this as potentially a new sustainable model to help impact our planet and businesses well into the future?

We know we need to reduce carbon emissions, reduce unnecessary transport and landfill waste. Businesses, more than ever, need to devise cost saving strategies while balancing business sustainability and forward-looking growth needs. Opposed to long 3-5 year delivery contracts that can cost 7 times over the cost of an on-site generator, we can easily detail the benefits to both the business as well as the environment by real life examples:

Nitrogen cylinders vs gas generator for a laboratory

Peak generator vs liquid nitrogen boil off:

For even larger supply systems eg: 500 LPM (30 m3/h) the ROI is < 1 year.

What do you see as the next biggest opportunities for Peak Oceania & LUP Global?

Since the pandemic hit us in March, we can see we need to think differently and fast. We need to consider environmental impact of our choices.We can see the drastic drop in air and land travel has greatly improve air quality and we will need to implement ways we can continue to reduce carbon emissions moving forward.This will require a shift in mindset from buy now, think later to think now for future impact.

Additionally, business need to prepare strategically for the long term, ready for the next disruptor. On-site gas generation gives one the flexibility even if there is a reduction in resource (such as Helium- where hydrogen can be used as an alternative), protects from any increases in pricing due to annual indexing or stockpiling, assures gas even when transport is restricted and most importantly in this climate, dramatically decreases contact and movement of people.

We see the business leading viral vaccines and anti- bacterial products, food production, individual packaging and storage, 3-D printing, local manufacturing and local recycling of plastics as the biggest businesses using cylinders or liquid ‘boil-off’ supplies, which would observe immediate cost benefit from a Peak gas generator.

We would like to call on any facilities and project managers though to business owners to consider the saving and impact they can have on the environment through discussing Peak Gas Generation options with our circular economy and procurement partner LUP global.

Thanks Nicole and Peak Scientific! 


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