Air Science P5-24-XT Fume hood



Air Science P5-24-XT Fume Hood

General Overview of P5-24-XT Fume Hood

The Air Science P5-24-XT Fume Hood is a high-efficiency, ductless fume hood designed to provide superior filtration and safety for laboratory environments. This fume hood is engineered to effectively capture and contain hazardous vapors and particulates, ensuring a safe working environment for users. Its compact and portable design makes it suitable for various laboratory settings.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: P5-24-XT
  • Hood Width: 48 inches (1220 mm)
  • Airflow: 235 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Filtration:
    • HEPA filter: 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns
    • Activated carbon filter for chemical adsorption
  • Noise Level: < 55 dBA
  • Lighting: Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Power Requirements: 110-240V, 50/60Hz

Functional Attributes

  • Filtration System:
    • Multi-stage filtration system includes both HEPA and activated carbon filters, providing high levels of protection against hazardous substances.
  • Airflow Control:
    • Consistent and adjustable airflow ensures effective containment of harmful vapors and particulates.
  • User Interface:
    • Easy-to-read control panel for monitoring filter status and airflow.
    • Audible and visual alarms for filter replacement and airflow monitoring.
  • Construction:
    • Robust steel frame with a corrosion-resistant finish.
    • Clear, shatterproof acrylic panels for excellent visibility and safety.
  • Maintenance:
    • Quick and easy filter replacement process to minimize downtime.

Connectivity Options

  • Data Output:
    • Digital interface for connecting to laboratory monitoring systems.
  • Power Supply:
    • Standard plug-and-play power connection with adjustable voltage settings.


The Air Science P5-24-XT Fume Hood is designed to provide reliable and efficient protection in laboratory environments. With its advanced multi-stage filtration system, it effectively removes hazardous vapors and particulates, ensuring a safe and clean working space. The user-friendly interface, combined with robust construction and easy maintenance, makes the P5-24-XT a versatile and essential tool for modern laboratories. Its compact and portable design allows for flexible placement, making it an ideal choice for various applications requiring high standards of safety and air quality. Additionally, the energy-efficient LED lighting and low noise levels contribute to a comfortable working environment, enhancing overall laboratory productivity.


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