Aralab IARA600PH Stability Testing Chamber


Aralab IARA600PH Stability Testing Chamber

General Overview of IARA600PH Stability Testing Chamber

The Aralab IARA600PH Stability Testing Chamber is designed to provide precise and reliable environmental conditions for stability testing of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, food, and other sensitive materials. This chamber offers advanced temperature and humidity control, ensuring accurate and reproducible results for long-term stability studies.

Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: IARA600PH
  • Chamber Capacity: 600 liters
  • Temperature Range: -10°C to +60°C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ±0.5°C
  • Humidity Range: 10% to 98% RH
  • Humidity Uniformity: ±2% RH
  • Interior Dimensions: 140 cm x 80 cm x 60 cm (H x W x D)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 205 cm x 110 cm x 105 cm (H x W x D)
  • Power Requirements: 230V, 50/60Hz

Functional Attributes

  • Temperature and Humidity Control:
    • Precise control of temperature and humidity with advanced PID control system
    • Uniform environmental conditions throughout the chamber for consistent results
  • Construction:
    • Stainless steel interior for durability and easy cleaning
    • Double-glazed observation window for safe and easy viewing of samples
  • Lighting:
    • Optional UV lighting for additional testing capabilities
  • Safety Features:
    • Over-temperature and over-humidity protection systems
    • Door lock mechanism to ensure the integrity of the testing environment

Connectivity Options

  • Data Logging:
    • Built-in data logging system with USB interface for easy data transfer
  • Remote Monitoring:
    • Ethernet port for remote monitoring and control
  • Software Compatibility:
    • Compatible with Aralab FitoLog software for enhanced data analysis and reporting


The Aralab IARA600PH Stability Testing Chamber is an essential tool for laboratories conducting stability testing. Its precise temperature and humidity control systems ensure reliable and consistent environmental conditions, while the robust construction and safety features provide durability and protection. The chamber’s connectivity options, including data logging and remote monitoring, facilitate efficient data management and enhance laboratory productivity. The optional UV lighting extends its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of stability testing applications.


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