Bio-Rad Gel Imager

Available now: The Bio-Rad Gel Imager offers versatile imaging capabilities, facilitating the analysis of various biomolecules through advanced features, camera options, and connectivity, contributing significantly to life science research. Seize the opportunity to acquire this imager at a reduced cost.


The Bio-Rad Gel Imager is a pivotal tool in molecular biology and biochemistry laboratories, dedicated to visualizing and documenting electrophoresis gels and their contents. This gel imager is available in various models, differing in camera resolution and imaging capabilities. It incorporates advanced LED or UV transillumination systems for gel illumination and excitation. Imaging can occur in various modes, such as fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and UV-visible. The design ensures compatibility with a range of gel types, sizes, and staining protocols. The core function of the Bio-Rad Gel Imager is to capture high-quality gel images for the analysis of DNA, RNA, proteins, and other biomolecules. It supports versatile applications, from simple gel documentation to advanced quantitative analyses. The included software facilitates gel analysis, quantitation, and data management. Advanced features like multiplexing and spectral imaging broaden its capabilities. The Bio-Rad Gel Imager often incorporates connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet interfaces for data transfer and remote operation. Some models may integrate seamlessly with laboratory information systems (LIMS) and networked databases, enhancing data sharing and traceability.


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