Chrono-log 700 Aggregometer

Available now: The Chrono-log 700 Aggregometer is a versatile instrument for platelet aggregation studies, offering precise measurements, multiple-sample monitoring, and data connectivity, making it a valuable asset for haematology and cardiovascular research. Seize the opportunity to acquire this aggregometer at a reduced cost.


The Chrono-log 700 Aggregometer is a specialized instrument designed for platelet aggregation studies in the field of haematology and cardiovascular research. Technical specifications of this device include a dynamic range of aggregating agents, a wide temperature control range (0-45°C), and a measurement range of 0 to 999 units of aggregation. These specifications make it versatile and suitable for various research applications. Functional attributes of the Chrono-log 700 Aggregometer include the ability to simultaneously monitor multiple samples, which enhances efficiency in laboratory workflows. It offers a user-friendly interface, enabling easy setup and data acquisition. The instrument’s patented dual-impedance system provides highly sensitive detection of platelet aggregation events, even in low-concentration samples, ensuring reliable and precise results. Its automatic pipetting system streamlines the sample preparation process, reducing the margin of error and enhancing reproducibility. Connectivity options are available for data output, allowing seamless integration into laboratory data systems. The RS-232 interface enables data transfer and compatibility with various data analysis software. In a general overview, the Chrono-log 700 Aggregometer serves as a valuable tool for researchers and clinicians involved in platelet aggregation studies. Its technical specifications, user-friendly design, and connectivity options make it an essential component in laboratories focused on haematology and cardiovascular research, ensuring accurate and reproducible results in platelet aggregation studies.


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