GE M2801 / IRTD-400 Thermometer Probe

Multiple available now: GE M2801 / IRTD-400 Thermometer Probe: High-precision RTD with wide temperature range, accuracy, and versatility for industrial and laboratory applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this thermometer probe at a reduced cost.


The GE M2801 / IRTD-400 Thermometer Probe is a high-precision temperature measurement instrument designed for diverse industrial and laboratory applications. This probe offers accuracy and reliability in temperature monitoring. The M2801 / IRTD-400 probe is equipped with platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTD), ensuring high accuracy and sensitivity. It features a temperature range from -200°C to 600°C, catering to a wide spectrum of temperature measurement needs. The probe has a fast response time and low self-heating, allowing for precise and real-time temperature monitoring. It is constructed with a rugged stainless steel sheath, providing durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. The probe’s accuracy is compliant with IEC 751 and DIN EN 60751 standards, ensuring traceable measurements. This thermometer probe is characterized by its stability and repeatability, making it suitable for critical temperature monitoring tasks in industrial processes and laboratory experiments. It can be used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and food production. The probe design allows for easy insertion and secure attachment to measurement equipment, enhancing user convenience. It is ideal for applications requiring precise and reliable temperature measurements. The M2801 / IRTD-400 probe is compatible with standard connectors and interfaces, providing easy connectivity to a variety of temperature measurement devices and data acquisition systems. Its design facilitates seamless integration into existing measurement setups, ensuring accurate and traceable temperature data recording. In summary, the GE M2801 / IRTD-400 Thermometer Probe is a precision temperature measurement instrument with robust technical specifications and functional attributes. It offers versatility and accuracy in temperature monitoring for industrial and laboratory applications, making it a valuable tool for professionals requiring precise temperature measurements. Multiple available.


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