Golden West Ducted Fume Hood

Available now: The Golden West LAV-PVC-12 Ducted Fume Hood has a PVC liner, adjustable sash, robust containment. Electrical integration, adaptable for diverse lab setups. Seize the opportunity to acquire this fume hood at a reduced cost.


The Golden West LAV-PVC-12 Ducted Fume Hood stands as an integral component in laboratory safety, offering a comprehensive solution for the extraction and containment of hazardous fumes. This fume hood is meticulously engineered to provide a controlled environment, ensuring the protection of personnel and the laboratory space during various chemical processes. Constructed with durability in mind, the LAV-PVC-12 features a corrosion-resistant PVC inner liner, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of chemicals. The unit utilizes a high-performance exhaust fan system capable of maintaining a consistent face velocity of 100 feet per minute. The fume hood is equipped with a vertical-rising sash made of tempered safety glass, allowing for optimal visibility and easy access to the workspace. The exterior is built from powder-coated steel for enhanced structural integrity. Functionally, this ducted fume hood is designed to meet the rigorous demands of laboratory environments. The vertical-rising sash is height-adjustable, accommodating various equipment setups and experimental requirements. The airflow monitor ensures constant face velocity, while the sliding sash design promotes user-friendly operation. The unit is equipped with a baffle system to maximize containment efficiency during diverse chemical processes. A service fixture and electrical receptacles enhance versatility, facilitating seamless integration with laboratory equipment. The LAV-PVC-12 incorporates connectivity options to optimize laboratory workflow. It features electrical receptacles within the hood for convenient operation of instruments. The fume hood is designed for easy integration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) through ports for data transfer.


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