LABCONCO Fume Cupboard

Available now: The LABCONCO Fume Cupboard provides essential containment and ventilation for laboratories, ensuring safety in handling hazardous materials. Seize the opportunity to acquire this cupboard at a reduced cost.


The LABCONCO Fume Cupboard is an essential component for laboratory safety, designed to provide effective containment and removal of hazardous fumes and chemicals. This technical solution ensures a safe and controlled environment for various laboratory applications. Its construction adheres to the highest safety standards, featuring chemical-resistant materials to withstand corrosive substances. The sash design provides adjustable vertical movement, allowing flexible access and optimal containment. The LABCONCO Fume Cupboard excels in fume containment and removal. Its aerodynamic baffle system efficiently captures and directs fumes toward the exhaust system, ensuring the safety of laboratory personnel. Variable airflow and face velocity control contribute to enhanced containment performance, while the ergonomic sash design offers ease of use and adaptability.


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