Available now: The Levo Plus Pipette Filler/Lever stands as an ergonomic and precise tool for controlled liquid handling in laboratory settings. Seize the opportunity to acquire this asset at a reduced cost.


The Levo Plus Pipette Filler/Lever is a precision instrument designed for comfortable and efficient pipetting. Known for its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface, it facilitates accurate and controlled liquid handling in laboratory environments. This pipette filler typically operates with a wide range of pipette sizes, accommodating volumes from 0.1 mL to 100 ml. Its variable speed settings and gravity delivery allow precise control over aspiration and dispensing. The rechargeable battery provides long-lasting usage on a single charge. The Levo Plus offers a comfortable ergonomic grip, reducing hand strain during prolonged pipetting sessions. Its intuitive control system enables precise pipetting operations, minimizing the risk of errors. The adjustable pump speed caters to various liquid viscosities for smooth and accurate pipetting.


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