Liebig Condensers

Available now: Liebig Condensers are essential laboratory tools, facilitating efficient vapor condensation in chemistry experiments. Their straight tube design and water-cooling ensure reliability and versatility in various processes like distillation and reflux reactions. Seize the opportunity to acquire this condenser at a reduced cost.


Liebig Condensers are widely used laboratory apparatus in chemistry for the efficient condensation of vapours. Their straight tube design with water-cooling makes them integral in various processes such as distillation and reflux, ensuring the collection of purified liquids. Liebig Condensers typically consist of a straight inner tube through which vapours pass and an outer jacket for water circulation. The inner tube’s length and diameter can vary based on specific laboratory needs. They are made from durable materials, often glass or borosilicate glass, to withstand temperature variations and chemical exposures. These condensers play a critical role in organic chemistry experiments, facilitating the separation and purification of substances based on their boiling points. The efficient cooling and condensation of vapours enable researchers to collect and isolate desired compounds, contributing to the success of processes like fractional distillation. Liebig Condensers find applications in a range of laboratory procedures, including distillation setups, reflux reactions, and other processes where controlled cooling and condensation are essential. Their simplicity, reliability, and effectiveness make them a staple in chemistry laboratories. Complete with splash heads (x6).


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