Mettler Toledo MX5 Balance

Available now: an under-utilised Mettler Toledo MX5 Balance: 5,100g capacity, 0.01g readability, touchscreen. Suitable for data management, versatile connectivity and precision measurement needs. Seize this opportunity to acquire this balance at a reduced cost.


The Mettler Toledo MX5 Balance is a precision instrument designed for accurate and reliable measurement of mass in laboratory and industrial settings. Built on Mettler Toledo’s renowned reputation for quality and precision, the MX5 Balance is an essential tool for researchers and professionals who demand exact measurements in their work. The MX5 Balance offers a maximum capacity of 5,100 grams, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. With a readability of 0.01g, this balance provides highly precise measurements. The balance features a round, stainless steel weighing pan with a diameter of 6.3 inches (160mm). The balance has a repeatability of ±0.01g, ensuring consistent and reliable results. It offers a linearity of ±0.03g, ensuring accuracy across the entire weighing range. The MX5 Balance can be calibrated externally to maintain accuracy over time. The balance is equipped with a user-friendly, high-resolution touchscreen interface, enabling easy operation and data input. It supports various weighing modes, including weighing, counting, percent weighing, and more, enhancing versatility for different applications. The balance provides data recording and export capabilities, allowing users to store and transfer measurement data for further analysis. It features an automatic levelling system, ensuring stable and accurate measurements even in variable environmental conditions. The built-in draft shield minimizes the impact of air currents on measurements, further enhancing precision. The MX5 Balance is equipped with RS232 and USB ports for seamless connectivity with external devices, such as computers and printers. This balance can be connected to a network via Ethernet, facilitating data sharing and integration with laboratory information systems. An optional Bluetooth module is available for wireless data transfer and device control. Data can be exported in various formats, including CSV and PDF, to accommodate different data management and analysis requirements. file:///C:/Users/nicho/Downloads/AX-MX-UMX-BA-e-11780394C.pdf


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