Mettler Toledo MX5 Balance

Available now: a under-utilised Mettler Toledo MX5 Microbalance. This precise and reliable instrument still maintains its high-quality performance and technical integrity for accurate weight determination and analysis in various laboratory settings. Seize the opportunity to acquire this microbalance at a reduced cost.


The Mettler Toledo MX5 Microbalance is a precision instrument designed for highly accurate weight determination and analysis. Built with cutting-edge technology and adhering to stringent quality standards, the MX5 is a reliable choice for laboratories requiring microgram measurement capabilities.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  1. Weighing Capacity: The MX5 offers a maximum weighing capacity suited for precise measurements, ensuring versatility across various applications.
  2. Readability: It provides exceptional readability, ensuring accurate and consistent results, essential for analytical and research applications.
  3. Calibration: Equipped with internal calibration functionality, the MX5 ensures that the measurements are always accurate and reliable, adapting to ambient conditions.
  4. Connectivity: The balance offers various connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet, facilitating easy data transfer and integration with other laboratory systems.
  5. Pan Size: The MX5 comes with a suitably sized weighing pan, allowing for the convenient placement and handling of samples.
  6. Display: Featuring a clear and easy-to-read display, the MX5 promotes user-friendly operation, making the weighing processes straightforward and efficient.
  7. Environmental Adaptability: The microbalance is capable of adapting to environmental fluctuations, ensuring that the measurement accuracy is maintained even under varying conditions.
  8. Housing Design: A thoughtfully designed housing protects the sensitive internal components, maintaining the balance’s performance and longevity.


The Mettler Toledo MX5 Microbalance is versatile, finding utility in fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and environmental analysis. Its precision and reliability make it suitable for tasks such as sample preparation, analytical weighing, and quantitative analysis in various laboratory settings.

Equipment Manual: file:///C:/Users/nicho/Downloads/AX-MX-UMX-BA-e-11780394C.pdf


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