Peak Scientific Genius 3010 Gas Generator

Available now: The Peak Scientific Genius 3010 Gas Generator provides reliable, high-purity nitrogen, hydrogen, and zero air for analytical instruments, featuring advanced PSA technology and versatile connectivity options. Seize the opportunity to acquire this generator at a reduced cost.


The Peak Scientific Genius 3010 Gas Generator is a robust solution designed to provide a reliable source of laboratory-grade nitrogen, hydrogen, or zero air, meeting the demands of various analytical instruments. It is a part of Peak Scientific’s renowned product line, known for its precision and performance in gas generation technologies. The Genius 3010 delivers nitrogen at flow rates up to 64 litres per minute (LPM), hydrogen at up to 1,600 millilitres per minute (mL/min), and zero air at up to 25 LPM. It ensures gas purity levels exceeding 99.9995%. Operating pressure stands at 12 bar (174 psi). The system operates using a standard electrical supply of 100-240V, 50/60Hz, drawing a maximum power of 3.2 kW. Utilizing pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, the generator offers exceptional gas purity. It features an intuitive touch-screen interface for easy monitoring and control. The automatic start and stop functions facilitate unattended operation. The generator employs long-life molecular sieves, reducing maintenance needs. Safety features include pressure relief valves and emergency shut-off mechanisms. The Genius 3010 supports diverse connectivity options, including analogue and digital outputs for remote monitoring and integration into laboratory control systems. It features an Ethernet interface for seamless network integration, enabling remote monitoring and control. Furthermore, the generator offers data logging capabilities, allowing users to track performance over time and maintain precise gas quality. In summary, the Peak Scientific Genius 3010 Gas Generator is a robust and versatile solution for laboratories, delivering nitrogen, hydrogen, and zero air with exceptional purity levels. Its technical specifications, incorporating flow rates, gas purity, and operating pressure, cater to a wide range of analytical instruments. The utilization of PSA technology, user-friendly features, and diverse connectivity options make it an invaluable asset for laboratory operations, ensuring reliable and precise results.


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