SciGene SD31 Hybridization System

Available now: The SciGene SD31 Hybridization System offers precise temperature control, user-friendly interface, and versatile compatibility for efficient nucleic acid research. Seize the opportunity to acquire this system at a reduced cost.


The SciGene SD31 Hybridization System is an advanced laboratory instrument designed for efficient and controlled nucleic acid hybridization processes. Tailored for molecular biology applications, this system provides a stable and uniform environment, ensuring optimal probe-target interactions and reliable results in nucleic acid research. Equipped with a precise temperature control system, the SciGene SD31 allows temperature settings ranging from ambient to 99°C, creating an ideal environment for nucleic acid hybridization. The system’s design accommodates various sample formats, enhancing its versatility for different experimental setups and applications in molecular biology. Specifically crafted for nucleic acid hybridization, the SciGene SD31 Hybridization System offers a user-friendly interface for easy programming of temperature and time parameters. This ensures precise control over hybridization conditions, promoting consistent and reproducible results. The system’s compatibility with diverse sample types and sizes adds flexibility to experimental designs in molecular biology. The SciGene SD31 Hybridization System is equipped with connectivity options to enhance usability and data management. Featuring USB ports, it facilitates seamless data transfer and storage, promoting integration with external devices. The system’s software supports data logging and documentation, facilitating efficient analysis and record-keeping in molecular biology experiments.


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