Sea-Bird 16plus 20m CTD meter

Multiple available now: The Sea-Bird 16plus 20m CTD Meter is a reliable oceanographic instrument, offering precise CTD measurements, low power usage, and versatile connectivity. Ideal for research in challenging marine environments. Seize the opportunity to acquire this meter at a reduced cost.


The Sea-Bird 16plus 20m CTD Meter is a robust and versatile instrument designed for accurate oceanographic data collection. This CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) profiler is an integral component for oceanographic research, renowned for its precision and reliability in acquiring crucial water column information. The 16plus CTD Meter is capable of measuring conductivity in the range of 0 to 70 mmho/cm, temperature from -5°C to 35°C, and depth up to 20 meters. It operates with a resolution of 0.0001 S/m for conductivity, 0.0001°C for temperature, and 0.02% full-scale for pressure. Power is supplied via a 9-30 VDC source, drawing minimal power consumption to ensure extended field use. Utilizing high-quality sensors, the 16plus CTD Meter provides accurate and stable measurements. It offers real-time data transmission and onboard data storage capabilities, making it adaptable to various deployment methods, including rosette systems and profiling floats. The instrument can withstand harsh environmental conditions and is suitable for deep-sea deployments. The CTD Meter offers diverse connectivity options, including RS-232 and RS-485 communication interfaces for data transfer to external devices or data loggers. It is compatible with a range of sampling systems and software applications for data analysis and visualization. In summary, the Sea-Bird 16plus 20m CTD Meter is a robust and reliable instrument for oceanographic data collection, providing precise measurements of conductivity, temperature, and depth. Its technical specifications, high-quality sensors, and adaptable data handling capabilities make it an essential tool for oceanographic research. The instrument’s versatility is enhanced by multiple connectivity options, allowing seamless data integration into various sampling systems and software applications, facilitating comprehensive data analysis and interpretation in oceanographic studies. Multiple available.


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