Shimadzu 228-34736-91 Reservoir Tray

Available now: The Shimadzu reservoir tray is a chemically resistant, modular component for liquid chromatography systems, facilitating efficient fluid management, reducing contamination risk, and enhancing analytical reliability. Ideal for various solvents and reagents. Seize the opportunity to acquire this detector at a reduced cost.


The Shimadzu 228-34736-91 is a reservoir tray and is a critical component designed to facilitate the efficient management of liquids within Shimadzu liquid chromatography systems. The reservoir tray is constructed from high-quality, chemically resistant materials to ensure compatibility with a wide range of solvents and chemicals commonly used in liquid chromatography applications. It features a modular design, providing flexibility in configuring the tray to meet specific system requirements. The tray dimensions and capacity vary depending on the specific model, accommodating different volumes of mobile phase and solvents. Additionally, it incorporates inlet and outlet ports to facilitate fluid transfer. The reservoir tray serves as a reservoir for mobile phases and reagents, playing a crucial role in maintaining a consistent and uninterrupted flow during chromatographic analysis. It is designed to minimize the risk of contamination and solvent waste, contributing to the accuracy and reliability of liquid chromatography results. The modular design allows users to configure the tray with various containers, which can be easily swapped for efficient solvent changes. The Shimadzu reservoir tray seamlessly integrates into Shimadzu liquid chromatography systems, providing inlet and outlet connections for fluid management. These connections ensure a smooth flow of solvents and mobile phases through the chromatography system, minimizing downtime during analyses. The tray’s design allows for easy maintenance and replacement of components. In summary, the Shimadzu reservoir tray is a vital component in liquid chromatography systems, designed for compatibility with a wide range of solvents. Its modular design and connectivity options enable efficient fluid management, contributing to the accuracy and reliability of chromatographic analyses while minimizing solvent waste and contamination risks.


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