Shimadzu CTO-10AS VP

Available now: The Shimadzu CTO-10AS VP is a precise column oven for liquid chromatography, offering a wide temperature range, uniform temperature control, integrated solvent pre-heating, and connectivity options. Ideal for analytical and research labs. Seize the opportunity to acquire this oven at a reduced cost.


The Shimadzu CTO-10AS VP is a high-performance column oven designed to meet the precise temperature control requirements of liquid chromatography applications. It delivers exceptional technical performance and reliability for analytical and research laboratories. The CTO-10AS VP offers a temperature control range from -10°C to 85°C with an accuracy of ±0.1°C. It features a forced air circulation system for uniform temperature distribution, maintaining optimal conditions for chromatographic separations. This column oven can accommodate standard analytical columns up to 30 cm in length. The CTO-10AS VP ensures accurate and stable temperature control, critical for chromatographic reproducibility. It features an integrated solvent pre-heating system, which minimizes temperature variations in the mobile phase, ensuring consistent elution times and peak shapes. Its large display and user-friendly interface allow easy temperature programming and monitoring, enhancing operational efficiency. This column oven is equipped with communication ports for seamless integration into chromatography systems. It supports RS-232 and contact closure, enabling external control and data acquisition. The CTO-10AS VP’s modular design facilitates installation into existing chromatography setups. In summary, the Shimadzu CTO-10AS VP is a reliable and precise column oven designed to meet the demanding temperature control requirements of liquid chromatography. With its wide temperature range, forced air circulation system, and user-friendly interface, it ensures accurate and stable conditions for chromatographic separations. Its connectivity options make it adaptable for integration into various chromatography systems, making it a valuable addition to analytical and research laboratories .


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