Shimadzu LC-20AD

Available now: The Shimadzu LC-20AD is a high-precision liquid chromatography pump with versatile flow rates, durability, and data connectivity for accurate compound analysis. Seize the opportunity to acquire this pump at a reduced cost.


The Shimadzu LC-20AD is a powerful and reliable liquid chromatography pump designed to deliver precision and consistency in the separation and analysis of compounds. As an integral part of chromatographic systems, it plays a pivotal role in facilitating accurate and reproducible liquid chromatography procedures. The LC-20AD boasts a wide operating flow rate range, from 0.001 to 10 mL/min, providing versatility for various chromatographic applications. It features low pulsation and high pressure capabilities, with a maximum pressure of 42 MPa, ensuring efficient and reliable solvent delivery. The pump operates with exceptional gradient precision, offering accurate solvent mixing for complex separation requirements. Its advanced plunger seal design minimizes solvent absorption, enhancing durability and performance. This chromatography pump stands out for its high accuracy and reproducibility, crucial for quantitative and qualitative analysis. It offers user-friendly control and programming options, making it suitable for a wide range of chromatographic methods, including isocratic and gradient separations. The LC-20AD is equipped with an automatic purge valve for solvent changeovers and a pressure relief valve for added safety. Its durable construction ensures long-term stability and reliability in analytical laboratories. The LC-20AD offers multiple connectivity options, including USB, LAN, and RS-232 interfaces, facilitating data transfer and control. It can be seamlessly integrated into chromatography data systems (CDS) for enhanced automation and data management. The system also supports remote operation and monitoring, making it suitable for modern laboratory setups. In summary, the Shimadzu LC-20AD is a highly advanced liquid chromatography pump with impressive technical specifications and functional attributes. It serves as a critical component of chromatographic systems, ensuring precise and reliable solvent delivery for accurate compound separation and analysis in a variety of applications.


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