Shimadzu LC-30AD

Available now: The Shimadzu LC-30AD is a precise liquid chromatography pump with a wide flow rate range, gradient capabilities, and connectivity options for analytical and research applications, offering enhanced separation efficiency and stability in the chromatographic system. Seize the opportunity to acquire this pump at a reduced cost.


The Shimadzu LC-30AD is a precision liquid chromatography pump designed for analytical and research applications. Technical specifications reveal a wide flow rate range, from 0.001 to 10 mL/min, coupled with low pulsation, ensuring accurate and reproducible solvent delivery. It incorporates a dual-plunger design with solvent selection valves, making it compatible with various solvents and gradients. The LC-30AD’s gradient capabilities enhance separation efficiency and method flexibility, particularly when coupled with its high-pressure performance of up to 66 MPa (9,500 psi). In terms of functional attributes, this pump features an automatic tuning system that maintains consistent flow rates and minimizes deviations due to changing environmental conditions. Its active pulse dampening technology significantly reduces baseline noise, improving the detection of low-concentration analytes. The integrated solvent degassing unit effectively removes dissolved gases, preventing bubble formation, and enhancing stability in the chromatographic system. Connectivity options include USB and LAN interfaces, enabling seamless integration with chromatography systems and providing remote control capabilities. These options facilitate data acquisition, analysis, and instrument control, streamlining the laboratory workflow. In a general overview, the Shimadzu LC-30AD stands as a reliable and versatile liquid chromatography pump, tailored to the needs of analytical and research laboratories. With its robust technical specifications, pulse dampening technology, and connectivity options, it offers precise solvent delivery and enhances chromatographic performance, making it an invaluable tool for professionals seeking high-quality separations and method flexibility


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