Shimadzu SIL_20ACHT

Available now: Shimadzu SIL-20ACHT autoinjector – High-precision, versatile injection system with connectivity for chromatography, ensuring accuracy in sample analysis. Seize the opportunity to acquire this autoinjector at a reduced cost.


The Shimadzu SIL-20ACHT is an advanced and high-performance autoinjector, specifically designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of liquid sample injections in chromatographic analysis. With its cutting-edge technology and functionality, this autoinjector is a vital component of chromatography systems. The SIL-20ACHT offers precise injection volumes, ranging from 0.1 µL to 100 µL, making it suitable for a wide variety of sample sizes and applications. It features a minimal sample carryover, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring the accuracy of subsequent injections. The injection speed can be adjusted, allowing for precise control of injection times. The system is compatible with both analytical and preparative-scale applications, offering flexibility in chromatographic processes. This autoinjector excels in precision and reliability, featuring a high-precision syringe drive mechanism and a sample loop with minimal dead volume. It supports various injection methods, including full-loop, partial-loop, and overfill injections. The SIL-20ACHT’s ergonomic design ensures easy maintenance, with easy access to essential components for cleaning and replacement. The instrument is also equipped with an automatic internal standard addition option, enhancing the accuracy of quantitative analysis. The SIL-20ACHT offers multiple connectivity options, including USB, LAN, and RS-232 interfaces, facilitating data transfer and control. It can be seamlessly integrated into chromatography data systems (CDS) for enhanced automation and data management. The system also supports remote operation and monitoring, making it suitable for modern laboratory setups. In summary, the Shimadzu SIL-20ACHT is a highly advanced autoinjector with impressive technical specifications and functional attributes. It plays a crucial role in ensuring precise and efficient liquid sample injections in chromatographic analyses, providing flexibility and connectivity options for seamless integration into modern laboratory environments.


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