Thermofisher A28132 qPCR Thermocycler


ThermoFisher A28132 qPCR Thermocycler

General Overview

The ThermoFisher A28132 qPCR Thermocycler is a sophisticated instrument designed for quantitative PCR (qPCR) applications. It combines precise thermal cycling with real-time fluorescence detection, making it suitable for a variety of quantitative genetic analyses, including gene expression studies, genotyping, and pathogen detection. This instrument is engineered to provide accurate, reproducible results with high efficiency.

Technical Specifications of A28132 qPCR Thermocycler

  • Sample Capacity:
    • 96-well block for 0.2 mL tubes or microplates
  • Temperature Range:
    • 4°C to 99.9°C
  • Temperature Accuracy:
    • ±0.25°C
  • Temperature Uniformity:
    • ±0.5°C across the block
  • Heating/Cooling Rate:
    • Up to 4°C/sec (heating), 3°C/sec (cooling)
  • Optical System:
    • Excitation range: 450-680 nm
    • Emission range: 500-730 nm
  • Detection Channels:
    • 4 independent optical channels for multiplexing

Functional Attributes of A28132 qPCR Thermocycler

  • User Interface:
    • 7-inch color touch screen for intuitive operation and easy programming
  • Programmable Steps:
    • Up to 100 steps per program
  • Cycle Number:
    • Supports up to 99 cycles
  • Gradient Capability:
    • Gradient range up to 24°C, enabling optimization of annealing temperatures
  • Software Features:
    • Pre-installed protocols for various qPCR applications
    • Real-time data display and analysis
    • Auto-restart function in case of power failure
  • Security:
    • Password-protected user accounts and audit trail functionality for GLP compliance

Connectivity Options

  • USB Ports:
    • Two USB ports for protocol transfer and data export
  • Ethernet Port:
    • Enables network connectivity for remote monitoring and control
  • Wi-Fi:
    • Optional wireless connectivity module for seamless integration with laboratory networks
  • Cloud Integration:
    • Supports cloud-based data storage and analysis

General Overview

The ThermoFisher A28132 qPCR Thermocycler is a versatile and reliable instrument designed for high-performance quantitative PCR. Its advanced thermal cycling capabilities, combined with real-time fluorescence detection, ensure precise and accurate qPCR results. The user-friendly interface and robust software features facilitate straightforward protocol setup and execution, making it an essential tool for modern molecular biology laboratories. Its versatile connectivity options enhance data management and remote operation, providing a seamless integration into any lab workflow.!3652!3!606132915341!e!!g!!quantstudio%203!17574808946!139287695218&cid=gsd_pcr_sbu_r04_co_cp1491_pjt9629_gsd00000_0se_gaw_rs_lgn_&gad_source=1


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