Vaisala M170 Handheld measurement indicator

Multiple available now: The Vaisala M170 Handheld Measurement Indicator offers precise and versatile measurements with interchangeable probes, high accuracy, and convenient connectivity options, making it an essential tool for professionals in industrial and environmental applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this indicator at a reduced cost.


The Vaisala M170 is a portable and versatile handheld measurement indicator designed for various industrial and environmental monitoring applications. It offers reliable and accurate measurements, making it a valuable tool for professionals in need of on-the-spot data assessment. The M170 covers a wide measurement range, with multiple interchangeable probes available for specific applications, including humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2), and dew point. It features a large, high-contrast colour display for easy reading in various conditions. With a user-replaceable battery, it ensures extended operational uptime, and data logging capabilities facilitate the storage and retrieval of measurement data. This handheld indicator is known for its high accuracy and long-term stability, making it suitable for critical measurements in industrial settings. Its user-friendly interface simplifies operation, and the ergonomic design enhances usability during fieldwork. The M170 supports one-point and two-point calibration procedures, contributing to measurement accuracy. The M170 offers a range of connectivity options, including USB and Bluetooth, enabling seamless data transfer to PCs or mobile devices. This connectivity enhances data analysis and reporting flexibility, allowing users to integrate measurement data into their systems. The Vaisala M170 Handheld Measurement Indicator is a versatile and reliable tool for professionals requiring precise on-the-spot measurements in various industrial and environmental applications. With a wide measurement range and interchangeable probes, it accommodates diverse monitoring needs. High accuracy, long-term stability, and calibration options ensure dependable data. Its user-friendly interface, extended operational uptime, and connectivity options make it an essential device for professionals who demand accuracy and flexibility in their measurements. Multiple available.


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