Wet Labs FLNTUS Fluorescence Meter

Multiple available now: The Wet Labs FLNTUS Fluorescence Meter is designed for precise aquatic fluorescence measurements, offering multiple wavelength options, high-resolution spectrometry, submersible deployment, and connectivity for research and environmental monitoring. Seize the opportunity to acquire this meter at a reduced cost.


The Wet Labs FLNTUS Fluorescence Meter is a precision instrument designed for the measurement of fluorescence in aquatic environments. It plays a crucial role in various environmental and oceanographic research applications. The FLNTUS offers multiple excitation and emission wavelength options, facilitating the detection of various fluorophores. It features a high-resolution spectrometer with a range of 240 to 800 nm for accurate and sensitive fluorescence measurements. The instrument is capable of submersible deployment, with a depth rating of up to 600 meters, and it operates on a 12V DC power supply. This fluorescence meter is equipped with state-of-the-art optics and solid-state light sources to ensure precise and stable measurements. The high signal-to-noise ratio enhances sensitivity, and the instrument provides real-time data collection capabilities for dynamic aquatic environments. It is designed for ease of deployment, maintenance, and calibration, making it a reliable tool for long-term field deployments. The FLNTUS offers data communication options, including RS-232 and USB interfaces, allowing seamless data transfer and integration with data acquisition systems and oceanographic platforms. It can be controlled remotely for enhanced versatility in research and monitoring. In summary, the Wet Labs FLNTUS Fluorescence Meter is a highly capable instrument for fluorescence measurements in aquatic environments. With its technical specifications encompassing various wavelength options, high-resolution spectrometry, and submersible deployment capabilities, it is a valuable tool for environmental and oceanographic research. The connectivity options provide flexibility in data handling and integration, contributing to its adaptability in diverse research applications. Multiple available.https://imos.org.au/fileadmin/user_upload/shared/ANMN/CTD_sampling/WETLABSflntuac.pdf


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