Our services in Circular Asset Management

LUP Global takes a proactive approach to Circular Asset Management and Sustainable CAPEX Procurement.

We work with our clients on a long-term basis to really understand your needs and requirements to help enhance and promote circular economy frameworks and methodologies.

We work together with some of the world’s leading experts in Circular Economies to understand and promote best practice and share knowledge, with respect to Intellectual Property (IP) at all times. Through our global network of ancillary service partners, and us ourselves being leading experts in Supply Chain Management, with over 100 years of combined industry experience, we have considered all aspects in terms of Asset Life Cycle Management in order to best re-distribute or re-allocate your under-utilised assets.


Our Services include :


  • Circular Asset Management – A strategic, proactive and long-term approach to Asset Life Cycle Management and Sustainable CAPEX Procurement,
  • Consulting – A unique Supply Chain consulting service managed through our Global Circular Assets Network

Our Ancillary Service partners can :

  • MOVE – transport your unused assets or waste once we have connected to the ideal Buyer
  • INSURE – provide the necessary insurances, or review your existing policies, to minimise any associated business risks for the sale of second hand assets or waste
  • FINANCE – helping support any Capital Expenditure investments required to Procure the necessary second hand equipment – all to enable the circular economy framework

Our holistic network under The LUP Model serves to cater specifically for Circular Asset Management. The network is to account for every part of an Assets Life Cycle, engaging all stakeholders involved in the process: OEM’s, Buyers, Service Partners, Sellers, in order to extend an assets life for as long as possible. Always working towards our mission of global sustainability.

Circular Asset Life Cycle Management

LUP Global takes a long-term proactive approach to Circular Asset Life Cycle Management and Sustainable CAPEX Procurement. We work with our clients on a long-term basis to really understand your needs and requirements to help enhance and promote circular economy frameworks and methodologies.

LUP helps you to match your business needs with a long-term sustainable assets strategy.

Sustainable Circular Asset Management 
LUP enables you to maximise the value of your under-utilised assets through long-term strategic partnering based around our Code of Ethics:

  • Equipment audits
  • LUP’s proposal
  • Under-utilised assets strategy: identification of your under-utilised assets, timetable for renewal, identification of potential buyers
  • LUP enables complete anonymity and confidentiality of the seller for the sale of your under-utilised assets to buyers

Sustainable CAPEX Procurement  
Beyond the traditional aspects of cost, quality and reliable supply, LUP helps you to analyse your Capital Expenditure requirements for assets in line with wider social, economic and ecological sustainability.

  • Identification of your Capital Expenditure needs and requirements
  • Identification of potential spare parts from under-utilised equipment
  • LUP will source your sustainable assets through our global network with the full Supply Chain expertise, all the while maintaining strict confidentiality for your sustainable assets as the buyer

Supply Chain Coaching and Consulting

LUP provides solutions for your supply chain in order to make it more sustainable

  • Sustainable and Ethical Procurement & Sourcing
  • Improved Forecasting and Inventory Management

  • Green and Reverse Logistics (capacity optimisation and utilisation)

Ancillary Services

How LUP supports the movement of your unused assets / waste through our ancillary service partners

  • Insurance, to mitigate any associated risks with the selling of your unused assets
  • International and local Freight, for the movement of your unused assets
  • Finance, for Capital Expenditure Equipment and Asset Purchases

N Martens

Formulation Scientist, Pharmsky Research

”Noreen and the team Love Ur Planet have always gone above and beyond to help us acquire and rehome a wide range of laboratory equipment for our business. In offering outstanding customer service, excellent prices and an incredibly diverse range of products; while also doing good for our planet when it’s needed the most; recommending LUP is an absolute no-brainer!”

M Snow

Operations Director XytoVet

”Great recent experience working with the (L)ove (U)r (P)lanet team to find and purchase a laboratory incubator. LUP took all of the hard work out of this for us and were professional to deal with. The unit arrived as described and has been put to good (re)use.”

cerberus science


Molecular Testing Manager

“Thanks for your help to communicate with seller and set up this business for re-using the laboratory equipment 😊
I am happy with my purchase and all the response from the seller to explain the machine.
It looks really good

university of western australia

M. Payne

Senior Research Fellow and Lab Head (Clinical Perinatal Research Laboratories), University of Western Australia

“LUP were a pleasure to deal with throughout the sale and we’ll certainly be using their services again in the future. Highly recommended.” 

pana chocholate

Pana Barbounis

CEO, Pana Organics

“Well – can you get more efficient and pragmatic- amazing in-depth knowledge on process and logistics / surpasses anyone we have ever dealt with. SOPs introduced company have set up the Panaorganisation for the future, mitigating risk and exposure :  brilliant. LUP Global’s expertise on International Freight is extremely valuable and beneficial/ resulting in further efficiencies.. Very Process driven. Loved by all the Pana Team.” 

KJ Wong

Founder, Awake By Five AM

“It was a privilege to work with Noreen, the Founder of LUP to assist me in building our business. Her passions and enthusiasm are empowering to allow me to focus on what matters. We reached out to LUP Global to understand the broader Supply Chain drivers that directly follow on from the Sales process (which Awake By Five AM focus on). LUP’s holistic way of working, enabled us to consider and integrate social and sustainable business models into our own thinking. Through their ancillary service partners, we were also able to organise our Business Insurances the same day we got in touch with them, highlighting the excellent response times and true care for their clients requirements. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LUP Global to any organisation that wants to truly consider sustainability across their Supply Chain.”.

Steve Phillips

Manager, Community Support Frankston

“LUP’s Consulting Services (previously Strategic Buyers Group) also enabled us to ensure we were running sustainably as a not-for-profit agency. With their assistance in developing and reviewing our organisational strategy, linking our operational tasks to high level strategic thinking with achievable and measurable outcomes, as well as creating a risk framework to help us make adequate assessments across the organisation, their broader business knowledge and desire to help drive true sustainable long-term outcomes has been a valuable contribution to CSF and how we operate today.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with LUP Global and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to partner with a truly social and ethical organisation that seeks to improve the way businesses engage not just for profits but for the greater social, community and environmental outcomes.”

pana chocholate

Kate O’Connor

Projects Cordinator, Pana Chocolate

“LUP Global were able to apply their skills and expertise to guide Pana Chocolate through building and streamlining our Inventory Management processes, creating efficiencies across the Operations and Production teams and the overall setup of our system. As a result, we were able to align our system with our internal processes, providing more timely and accurate information to key stakeholders.”

C. Byrne

Procurement Specialist & CIPS Member
“I am writing to express my gratitude and admiration for LUP (previously Strategic Buyers Group). They provided nothing short than excellent guidance and a truly holistic and ethical approach to our supply chain function with a clear focus on procurement spend and processes? Because as we are a Non-for-profit Aged care facility these factors are paramount.
We now have a fantastic Purchase Order & Inventory System, Contracts register, Solid contract Terms & Conditions and an efficient and effective tender process. Their progress in such a brief time will provide us with many valuable business and ethical benefits for years to come. I highly recommend LUP and truly wish them all the best with their continued success.”

Jaimee Hall

Administrative Assistant, Gippsland Conveyor Belting
“I am truly honoured to have had the chance to work with LUP Global. Their efficient and flexible approach to their work made working with their team an absolute pleasure. We enlisted LUP Global with their Ancillary Service Insurance Partners to review our company cars, travel, home and factory insurance policies, after purchasing our second office. A task we saw as confusing and daunting was made so simple and easy thanks to LUP Global and their trusted partners.

LUP Global and their Insurance partners were very efficient, accommodating and most importantly to us, approachable! Completing the review and presenting back to the business in under a fortnight. They made an exceptional effort to ensure the information they provided us was in an easy to understand format and took the time to go through complicated details with our team. Throughout the entire process, LUP Global and their Insurance partners consistently provided professional service, utilizing and respecting the resources available to them.

LUP Global’s Insurance Partners reviewed current cost, levels of cover, building insurances, and appropriate additional coverage.

This service was essential in the organisation and coming together of our second office! We enjoyed working with LUP Global and their Insurance partners, and highly recommend their services to any small business owners struggling to find the time to organise all your insurances in a one-stop-shop!”

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