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Producing waste (through the under-utilisation of assets) for businesses, is it inevitable ? What if we could extend the life cycle of assets through the facilitation and optimization of the reallocation of laboratory & manufacturing equipment ?

Our mission at (L)ove (U)r (P)lanet is to extend the life cycles of laboratory equipment to minimise landfill & enable greater access to resources

Extend and Maximise Your Assets Life Cycles through Circular Asset Management

We offer a holistic long-term approach through Circular Asset Management and Sustainable CAPEX Procurement within the laboratory sector.

Benefits :

– Reduce environmental impact; 
– Cut capital procurement costs;
– Extend asset life cycles.

Proactive Circular Asset Life Cycle Management

Access to our Exclusive Circular Network in Laboratory Equipment

Ancillary services to move, insure and finance assets

it is time to act !

Why do we need to urgently commit and implement resource-efficient and sustainable economies ?

x3 : The use of natural resources since 1970


of biodiversity loss and water stress are caused by resource extraction and processing

planets would be necessary in order to satisfy all the needs without penalizing future generations

Want to be part of the movement?

Act Now & Join us to (L)ove (U)r (P)lanet

Gather and collaborate with companies and organizations all focused around the life cycle of the asset: Original Equipment Manufacturers, Buyers, Sellers and Service Partners which all believe in a Circular Economy.

Based on the highest social and environmental outcomes, values and ethical standards in Sustainable Procurement and Circular Asset Management.


Finalists in the People's Choice Category for ''The Circle Awards 2021 AUS & NZ''

Plus finalists in the 2022 Supply Chain & Logistics Association Australia (SCLAA), Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards (ASCLA), in the ''Environmental Excellence Category'':


(L)ove (U)r (P)lanet Overview Video 2024

(L)ove (U)r (P)lanet Overview Video 2024

(L)ove (U)r (P)lanet collaborates with Manufacturers, Buyers, Sellers, and Service partners to utilise assets - mainly laboratory and manufacturing equipment, to their fullest potential. Minimising environmental impact and fostering a culture of...

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