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LUP is actively looking for buyers and sellers of under-utilised or unused assets and equipment

The majority of our under-utilised Circular Assets are still in good working condition, and coming from accredited laboratories at significant discounts to the new or market price.
This approach helps to promote the Circular Economy and contributes to making our planet a more sustainable place for all of us.

Why collaborate with (L)ove (U)r (P)lanet?
• Full Confidentiality for both Buyers & Sellers – IP is tracked against the equipment & not your company
• Completely FREE to join and become a part of the network to get access to exclusive Circular Assets – link to our Client Portal (login page)
• Buyers save up to 60% & sometimes even more on good quality laboratory CAPEX purchases
• Our global network with the highest social & environmental shared values, link to our Code of Ethics
• LUP Global can be your long-term partner concerning your entire asset life cycle management.

Do you want more information for a piece of equipment (price and characteristics)? Are you looking to procure or on-sell any under-utilised equipment via the LUP network? Contact us with the contact form below.

Lab equipment currently Available

Below you will find further information available on the exclusive assets we currently have available that are featured publicly on our website.

How to Use this Form:

If you are interested in any specific assets, please e-mail, with the relevant details and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
Importantly, not all assets are listed on our website, as our model works proactively & in advance. We have assets that are going to become available through our exclusive Circular Assets network in 1,2,3… even 12 months or more in advance. By partnering with us as a LUP Circular Asset Buyer & letting us know your Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) requirements, we will be able to proactively source these assets for you. Our network is continuously growing so you will have first access to the assets that become available before they ever even get listed on our website.


Lab equipment seeking

As our network is continuously growing, if we understand the assets that you will be depreciating & no longer utilising as far out in advance to when you would need to move the asset on, we will work to match you up with the relevant Circular Asset Buyers before these assets are ever listed on this list below.

Thus, if you haven’t already signed the Mutual NDA as the first step to becoming a Circular Assets Seller (or Buyer) please e-mail us through to so we can contact you to arrange the next steps as to how we can help save you costs in your total cost of ownership for your Capital Equipment.

Interested ? Contact us for more information !


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