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At LUP (Love Ur Planet), our enduring mission is not only about fostering a sustainable future but also promoting the use of used and under-utilised laboratory equipment. The global pressure on resources is growing. According to a report by the World Bank, global waste generation could grow by 70% on current levels by 2050 if we don’t make a change.

The Underlying Issue: Unused Equipment in Research Labs

Across the globe, laboratories face a pressing issue: managing and redirecting unused or under-utilised equipment. As an alarming 2.12 billion tons of waste is produced annually, research labs inadvertently add to this mounting concern. Limited by resources and networking opportunities, essential and fully-functional lab equipment often ends up contributing to our expanding landfill crisis. We at LUP aspire to be a beacon of hope in this landscape. By matching dormant and under-utilised lab instruments with researchers who need them, we champion not just financial prudence but a bold commitment to environmental sustainability and a better future.

Featured Equipment: Unlocking the Potential of Dormant University & Research Instruments

Following our commitment to a sustainable future, we are honoured to partner with some of Australia’s premier universities and research institutes in re-allocating their used and under-utilised laboratory equipment. The pieces featured here are all in great working condition. Our sellers are receptive to all reasonable offers, so hit the enquire button if anything interests you.

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AB Sciex 5800 MALDI TOF/TOF (+ 4800 Maldi TOF for spare parts)

Specialised in high-throughput protein identification and quantitative proteomics, this laser-induced ionisation equipment ensures accurate mass determination.

Previously employed in Australia’s leading universities and research groups for groundbreaking studies, these pieces boast impeccable performance. While the Sciex 5800 is in good working condition, it may require a new DS302 rotary vane pump. Accompanying it is the Sciex 4800 – ideal for parts, enhancing the longevity of the Sciex 5800.

Applied BioSystem – QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System:

The Applied BioSystem QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System is a cutting-edge instrument that offers unparalleled precision in nucleic acid quantification. Leveraging digital PCR technology, it can differentiate between minute differences in gene copy numbers, making it invaluable for mutation detection, viral load measurements, and complex genomics tasks. Its compact design and intuitive interface streamline the process, ensuring accurate results every time.

Applied BioSystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR (x 2)

The Applied BioSystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System offers rapid and precise quantitative detection. It boasts real-time monitoring, making it ideal for gene expression, genotyping, and viral load analysis. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive data analysis tools, it suits both new and seasoned researchers in cutting-edge labs.

Metrohm 916 & 915 KF Ti-Touch + 800 Dosino:

The Metrohm 916 and 915 KF Ti-Touch titrators determine precise water content with their touch-screen operation and compatibility with various samples. They work seamlessly with the Metrohm 800 Dosino dosing unit, providing high precision for a variety of laboratory applications.

Illumina MiSeq (Available October ’23):

Illumina MiniSeq x 2 (Available October ’23):

The Illumina MiniSeq offers high-throughput sequencing in compact form, ideal for targeted gene sequencing and smaller genome analysis. On the other hand, the Illumina MiSeq, while still benchtop, delivers more extensive sequencing data, suitable for microbial genomics and clinical research. Both provide accuracy and speed for varied lab needs.

Agilent Bioanalyser 2100 G2929A & IKA Works, MS2 S8 Minishaker

The Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 is a versatile system designed to deliver precise and reproducible data. Suitable for various applications including DNA, RNA, and protein analyses, this equipment is an essential tool for comprehensive biological assessments.

Labserv 56L Incubator

The Labserv 56L Incubator provides a reliable and controlled environment for sample growth and incubation. With a 56-liter capacity, it’s perfectly sized for diverse lab applications. It ensures consistent temperature regulation, essential for microbial culture, tissue culture, and other sensitive incubations.

Thermo Fisher Scientific -80°C Freezer (TSE400V) x 2

Two Thermo Scientific TSE400V Freezers are available for sale. Originally purchased in 2014. The temperature range of these freezers is -80°C, providing a suitable storage solution for materials that require low temperature conditions. They will be available for purchase in February and August of 2024.

DLAB TC1000-S Thermocycler

The DLab TC1000-S Thermocycler is a versatile tool designed for amplifying DNA and RNA samples. Compact and efficient, it offers precise temperature control and rapid ramping rates, ensuring optimal PCR performance. Ideal for molecular biology labs aiming for consistent and reliable results.

DLAB D3024R High Speed Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge

The DLAB D3024R is a high-speed, refrigerated micro-centrifuge designed for swift sample processing while ensuring temperature stability, making it ideal for sensitive samples and precise applications.

Laerdal Compressor for IVF Research

Specifically designed for IVF research, this compressor by Laerdal is built to support reproductive science endeavours.

Nuaire Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator

This incubator offers an air-jacketed design ensuring even temperature distribution, making it ideal for biological research.

Bio-rad Trans-illuminator

The Bio-Rad Transilluminator offers ultraviolet (UV) light visualization of fluorescently stained DNA, RNA, and proteins. Used primarily after gel electrophoresis, its uniform UV exposure ensures clear sample imaging, making it a vital tool for quick and accurate laboratory analysis.

DomnickHunter Gas Generator (LCMS30-1)

The DomnickHunter LCMS30-1 Gas Generator delivers high-purity gases essential for lab applications. Engineered for consistent output and performance, it supports reliable LC-MS operations, streamlining sample analyses.

Sea-Bird CTD Meter

Specialising in measuring Conductivity, Temperature, Depth, and Oxygen, Sea-Bird’s range of CTD meters, from models like 63.12, 05Plus 600m, to 16plus 20m, ensure that marine and freshwater research endeavours are backed by accurate and dependable data.

Unisense Data Logger

Designed for precise environmental measurements in underwater environments, both the Unisense Underwater Meter and UWM-3827 offer reliable data logging capabilities, ensuring aquatic research remains well-informed and accurate.

Fluorescent Meters (Various)

Fluorescent meters, vital for advanced biological research, come in various models. The Walz Chlorophyll Fluorometer and Underwater Chlorophyll Fluorometer offer precise photosynthetic measurements, while the WETLABS FLNTUS measures chlorophyll fluorescence efficiently, catering to a wide range of applications.

Redefining the Research Landscape in Australia

By re-energising these tools, our goal is not just to optimise budgetary efficiencies but also to invigorate the research pulse of our nation. Institutions can conserve resources, reduce their environmental impact, and simultaneously foster a dynamic, agile research ecosystem.

For universities and institutes pondering the divestment of under-utilised equipment, rest assured that there’s a thriving demand. This symbiotic exchange not only funnels resources back into academic coffers but also extends a lifeline to burgeoning research projects for smaller, under-resourced labs.

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“Second hand equipment that doesn’t cost the Earth? What’s not to love! LUP has been such an invaluable resource when it comes to helping us fit out CoLabs Australia, Noreen has helped us save tens of thousands of dollars on equipment for our co-working lab space. So good to see a thriving circular economy business operating in this space.” – Samuel Wines, Co-Labs

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Interested in used and under-utilised laboratory equipment? Or perhaps you have equipment that could find renewed purpose elsewhere? Get in touch. While today we discuss academia and research, remember that our vision at LUP is universal: a world where industries operate sustainably, waste is a thing of the past, and resources are used to their fullest potential.

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