Climet CI-750t Air Particle Meter

The Climet CI-750t Air Particle Meter offers real-time particle counting (0.3-25 μm), ISO 14644 compliance, touchscreen interface, data logging, and flexible connectivity for cleanroom and critical environment air quality monitoring. Seize the opportunity to acquire this air particle meter at a reduced cost.


The Climet CI-750t Air Particle Meter is a precision instrument designed for accurate air quality monitoring, commonly used in cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and critical environment applications. It provides reliable real-time particle counting and size distribution data. The CI-750t offers a wide particle size range from 0.3 to 25.0 μm, ensuring comprehensive monitoring capabilities. It provides a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 L/min), making it suitable for various cleanroom classifications. The instrument operates at an accuracy of ±5%, and its counting efficiency is at least 50% for 0.3 μm particles. It complies with ISO 14644, ensuring compliance with international cleanroom standards. The CI-750t features a high-resolution colour touch screen interface for user-friendly operation and data visualization. It supports real-time data logging with customizable sampling plans, simplifying data management and reporting. The built-in data export capability allows for seamless data transfer to external systems for further analysis. An integrated alarm system provides alerts for out-of-spec conditions, ensuring real-time process control. The instrument offers Ethernet and USB connectivity for data transfer and remote monitoring. It is compatible with various data management and reporting software, making it a versatile solution for integration into cleanroom monitoring systems. Additionally, the CI-750t can be controlled remotely through network protocols, enhancing data traceability and process control. In summary, the Climet CI-750t Air Particle Meter is a precise and versatile instrument designed for real-time air quality monitoring in critical environments. Its technical specifications, functional attributes, and connectivity options make it an essential tool for cleanroom and pharmaceutical applications where accurate particle counting and size distribution data are crucial for quality control and compliance with international standards.


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