Olympus Trinocular Microscope

Available now: The Olympus Trinocular Microscope offers diverse magnification, ergonomic design, and superior imaging with standalone functionality. Seize the opportunity to acquire this microscope at a reduced cost.


The Olympus Trinocular Microscope represents a cornerstone in optical precision, catering to various scientific fields. Known for robustness and exceptional imaging, it’s a crucial tool for detailed analysis in laboratory environments. Featuring a diverse range of objective lenses from 4x to 100x magnification, this microscope offers versatile imaging and observation capabilities. Its trinocular head allows for ergonomic adjustments and accommodates multiple illumination methods, including brightfield, darkfield, and phase contrast, enabling comprehensive specimen visualization. The Olympus Microscope integrates fine and coarse focus adjustments for superior imaging and analytical capabilities. Its user-friendly design and interchangeable stage accessories facilitate smooth specimen handling. Optional camera attachments enable image capture and analysis for research and educational purposes.


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