Qiagen Rotor Gene Q

Available now: The Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q offers high-precision PCR, broad thermal range, multiple sample analysis, and versatile connectivity. Seize the opportunity to acquire this asset at a reduced cost.


The Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q stands as a pinnacle real-time PCR system. Moreover, it meticulously engineered to cater to the demands of quantitative gene expression analysis, genotyping, and pathogen detection. Renowned for its precision, rapid cycling, and intuitive software interface. Thus, this instrument empowers molecular biology research laboratories with unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Technical Specifications and Features

Technical Specifications:
  • Temperature Range: Operating seamlessly within a temperature range spanning from 4°C to 99°C, the Rotor-Gene Q ensures optimal conditions for PCR reactions.
  • Temperature Uniformity: Maintaining temperature uniformity with a remarkable precision of ±0.2°C. It guarantees consistent and reliable results across all wells.
  • Maximum Heating/Cooling Rate: With a heating/cooling rate of up to 5.5°C per second, this system facilitates swift cycling, significantly reducing experimental runtime.
  • Sample Capacity: Accommodating up to 36 samples per run, researchers can conduct medium-throughput experiments efficiently.
  • Optical System: Equipped with 6 filtered LEDs and 6 photodiodes, it enables accurate fluorescence detection across multiple channels.
  • Excitation Wavelengths: Covering a spectrum from 470 nm to 705 nm, the system provides flexibility in fluorophore selection for diverse applications.
Functional Attributes:
  • Multiplexing Capability: Harnessing the power of multiplexing, the Rotor-Gene Q allows simultaneous detection of up to 5 fluorescent channels. It enhances experimental throughput and efficiency.
  • Cycling Speed: With cycle times as low as 15 seconds per cycle, researchers can expedite their experiments without compromising data quality.
  • Software Interface: Featuring an intuitive software interface, experiment setup, data analysis, and result interpretation are streamlined for enhanced productivity and ease of use.
  • Data Connectivity: Offering both USB and Ethernet ports, the system enables seamless data transfer, remote operation, and accessibility from multiple locations.
  • Data Analysis: Equipped with comprehensive analysis tools, including quantification, melting curve analysis, and genotyping, it facilitates in-depth exploration and interpretation of experimental data.
Connectivity Options:
  • USB Port: Facilitating direct connection to a computer for data transfer and software control, ensuring seamless integration into existing laboratory setups.
  • Ethernet Port: Enabling remote operation and data access, researchers can monitor experiments and analyze results from anywhere. Moreover, it enhances flexibility and collaboration.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, the Rotor-Gene Q ensures accessibility and usability across various laboratory environments.

In academic, pharmaceutical, and clinical research settings, the Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q emerges as an indispensable tool. It drives scientific discovery and innovation. Its unmatched precision, rapid cycling capabilities, and intuitive software interface empower researchers to unlock new insights into molecular biology with confidence and efficiency. It has a commitment to reliability, performance, and user-centric design. The Rotor-Gene Q continues to set the standard for real-time PCR systems. Furthermore, it catalyzes advancements in scientific understanding and therapeutic development.



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