Round Bottom Flask

Ten available now: The round bottom flask – borosilicate glass, uniform heating, versatile connectivity – a cornerstone in scientific labs. Seize the opportunity to acquire this flask at a reduced cost.


A round bottom flask is a fundamental piece of laboratory glassware, recognized for its spherical base that allows uniform heating and stirring. This flask, commonly used in chemistry and scientific experiments, facilitates the evaporation and condensation of liquids due to its efficient shape, providing an ideal vessel for a range of chemical processes. Its rounded bottom allows uniform heating and stirring, promoting even distribution of heat during experiments. The shape facilitates the collection and condensation of vapours, crucial for various chemical processes like distillation and refluxing. With a wide and easily accessible opening, substances can be easily poured in or out, simplifying handling and manipulation during experiments. The round bottom flask offers compatibility with various laboratory apparatus through its ground glass joint, allowing for secure connections with condensers, heating mantles, and other equipment commonly used in chemical experiments. Its versatile design makes it a staple in laboratories where it can be seamlessly integrated into various setups. Ten available.


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