SEM Metals Digest Hot Plate

Available now: The SEM Metals Digest Hot Plate is a precise, efficient tool for metallic sample digestion, featuring a robust design, advanced safety, and connectivity options for seamless data tracking in analytical chemistry labs. Seize the opportunity to acquire this hot plate at a reduced cost



The SEM Metals Digest Hot Plate is a specialized laboratory equipment designed to facilitate the sample digestion process in analytical chemistry applications, particularly for the preparation of metallic samples. This hot plate is engineered with precision and reliability in mind, providing an essential tool for laboratories seeking accurate and efficient sample preparation. The SEM Metals Digest Hot Plate boasts a 200mm x 200mm ceramic-coated heating surface, ensuring even and consistent heat distribution across the sample area. It is capable of reaching and maintaining temperatures within the range of ambient to 450°C, with a temperature accuracy of ±1°C. The powerful 1,000-watt heating element ensures rapid heat-up times, while advanced safety features like over-temperature protection, a built-in timer, and a hot surface warning indicator enhance user safety. The hot plate’s robust stainless steel construction ensures long-term durability in demanding laboratory environments. This hot plate is designed for the precise and controlled digestion of metallic samples. It provides a stable platform for the decomposition of complex matrices, making it an essential tool for laboratories conducting elemental analysis. The unit features an intuitive control panel with digital temperature display and easily adjustable settings, allowing users to set and monitor the temperature and time parameters with ease. The ceramic-coated heating surface ensures uniform heating, eliminating hot spots and ensuring consistent sample digestion. Additionally, the hot plate is compatible with various digestion vessels and equipped with a magnetic stirring capability, ensuring optimal mixing of samples and enhancing the digestion process. The SEM Metals Digest Hot Plate offers versatile connectivity options to suit the needs of modern laboratories. It provides an analogue output for real-time temperature monitoring and data recording, facilitating integration with external data acquisition systems. A USB port is also included for convenient data logging, enabling laboratories to track and analyse sample digestion data for quality control and research purposes.


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