Wika Reference Thermometer

Available now: The Wika Reference Thermometer offers precision calibration with diverse sensors, adherence to standards, and optional connectivity for advanced laboratory applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this Wika Reference Thermometer at a reduced cost.


The Wika Reference Thermometer stands as a pinnacle in temperature calibration, offering unparalleled accuracy and reliability for precise measurement standards. Meticulously engineered, this instrument is an indispensable tool in laboratories and industrial settings where exacting temperature control is imperative. With a commitment to precision and quality, the Wika Reference Thermometer is a benchmark in temperature calibration. Crafted with precision, the Wika Reference Thermometer adheres to exacting technical specifications, ensuring exceptional accuracy in temperature calibration. Available in various sensor types, including RTDs and thermocouples, it covers an extensive temperature range with high resolution. The instrument boasts low measurement uncertainties and conforms to international standards, making it a cornerstone for calibration laboratories demanding the highest level of accuracy. Its customizable features, such as sensor types, allow adaptation to diverse calibration requirements. The Wika Reference Thermometer distinguishes itself through its functional attributes critical to precise temperature calibration. The instrument is equipped with a stable and reliable temperature control system, ensuring minimal drift during calibration procedures. Its high-quality construction materials contribute to low hysteresis and optimal long-term stability. The reference thermometer’s intuitive interface facilitates seamless operation, and its compatibility with external calibration software enhances efficiency in laboratory workflows.


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