Biohazard Safety Cabinet

Available now: The Biohazard Safety Cabinet is an ISO Class 4, stainless steel construction, precise airflow control. Ergonomic design for secure, controlled lab environments. Seize the opportunity to acquire this cabinet at a reduced cost.


The Biohazard Safety Cabinet represents a state-of-the-art solution for ensuring a controlled and secure environment in laboratories handling hazardous materials. Engineered to adhere to the highest safety standards, this cabinet provides a containment system that safeguards both the operator and the surrounding environment during sensitive procedures. The cabinet functions as a primary barrier, minimizing the risk of exposure to harmful biological agents, toxins, or other hazardous substances. The Biohazard Safety Cabinet incorporates a laminar airflow design, maintaining a sterile workspace. Equipped with HEPA or ULPA filters, it achieves ISO Class 4 air cleanliness. The airflow velocity is precisely controlled, ranging from 0.4 to 0.5 m/s, ensuring optimal containment. The cabinet is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, enhancing durability and ease of decontamination. A microprocessor-based control system regulates airflow patterns and monitors filter saturation, providing real-time feedback for efficient operation. Functionally, this safety cabinet offers a range of features to support safe laboratory practices. The cabinet includes an ergonomic work surface, intuitive control panel, and a high-efficiency blower system. The front window, made of safety glass, allows excellent visibility and is resistant to chemical damage. The inward airflow design prevents contaminants from escaping the cabinet, while the negative pressure plenum further enhances containment capabilities. The Biohazard Safety Cabinet ensures operator safety without compromising the integrity of sensitive experiments or procedures. For seamless integration into laboratory workflows, the Biohazard Safety Cabinet offers various connectivity options. The cabinet is designed to support external devices, such as monitors or printers, enhancing user convenience. It also features ports for electrical outlets, facilitating the operation of laboratory equipment within the safety cabinet. The inclusion of data ports enables communication with external monitoring or recording systems, allowing for comprehensive data management.


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