Unisense Underwater Meter Data Logger

Available now: The Unisense Underwater Meter Data Logger is a versatile instrument for precise data collection in aquatic environments, offering multiple parameter measurements, robust construction, and various connectivity options for research and monitoring purposes. Seize the opportunity to acquire this data logger at a reduced cost.


The Unisense Underwater Meter Data Logger is a robust and versatile instrument designed for precise data acquisition and logging in underwater environments, serving a wide range of research and monitoring applications. This data logger supports measurements of dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, and a variety of other water quality parameters. It operates at a depth of up to 200 meters and can record data at user-defined intervals. With a long battery life, it is suitable for extended deployments. The data logger is equipped with advanced sensors and microcontrollers to ensure accurate data acquisition and logging. It offers the flexibility to configure and schedule data collection as per research requirements. It can record data for extended periods, providing valuable insights into aquatic environments. The instrument provides multiple options for data retrieval and connectivity, including USB, RS-232, and wireless options. It supports seamless data transfer to a computer or data management system, enabling efficient data analysis and reporting. This data logger can also be remotely controlled for versatile data collection. In summary, the Unisense Underwater Meter Data Logger is a reliable and versatile tool for precise data acquisition and logging in underwater environments. With its ability to measure various water quality parameters, robust construction for depth ratings, and multiple connectivity options, it offers valuable data for research and monitoring applications, enabling deeper insights into aquatic ecosystems and environmental changes. https://unisense.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/UnderWater-Meter-Manual-2.pdf


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