bioMérieux Mini VIDAS

Multiple available now: bioMérieux Mini VIDAS – compact immunoassay system with versatile assay menu, automation, and data connectivity for clinical diagnostics and research. Seize the opportunity to acquire this system at a reduced cost.


The bioMérieux Mini VIDAS is an advanced immunoassay system designed for precise and efficient testing of a wide range of clinical samples. This compact and automated platform offers a comprehensive solution for clinical diagnostics and research applications. The Mini VIDAS utilizes enzyme-linked fluorescent assay technology, delivering highly sensitive and specific results. It supports a broad menu of assays, enabling the detection of various biomarkers, including infectious diseases, hormonal imbalances, and tumour markers. The system provides a versatile temperature range for incubation and ensures accuracy through precise optical measurements. It accommodates a variety of sample formats, such as tubes, microtiter plates, and strips, with a user-friendly interface for easy operation. With its compact footprint and automation, the Mini VIDAS optimizes laboratory space and workflow efficiency. It offers a wide analytical range, providing both qualitative and quantitative results, making it suitable for a diverse range of applications. The system’s pre-programmed assays and streamlined process reduce the likelihood of human error, ensuring reliable and reproducible data. The system is equipped with robust diagnostics software for result analysis and comprehensive reporting. The Mini VIDAS provides data connectivity through USB and RS-232 ports, facilitating data transfer and result management. It is compatible with laboratory information systems (LIS) for streamlined data integration into existing laboratory operations. The platform supports data storage and retrieval, enhancing traceability and quality control. In summary, the bioMérieux Mini VIDAS is a highly capable immunoassay system offering technical specifications and functional attributes that enhance clinical diagnostics and research. Its broad assay menu, compact design, and data connectivity options make it an efficient and reliable solution for laboratories seeking accurate and versatile immunoassay capabilities. Multiple available.


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