BioMérieux VIDAS

Available now: an under-utilised BioMérieux VIDAS – automated immunoassay system for clinical labs, broad test menu, ELFA tech, sample tracking and LIS connectivity. It Streamlines diagnostics so seize the opportunity to acquire this BioMérieux VIDAS at a reduced cost.


The BioMérieux VIDAS is an advanced automated immunoassay system designed for clinical diagnostic laboratories. It provides accurate and rapid results for a wide range of immunoassay tests, contributing to efficient patient care. The VIDAS system offers a broad menu of tests, covering clinical areas such as infectious diseases, cardiac markers, and autoimmune diseases. It utilizes enzyme-linked fluorescent assays (ELFA) technology for reliable results with a low limit of detection. The system accommodates a varied sample throughput, with the capability to handle multiple sample types, including serum, plasma, and urine. It has a user-friendly touch-screen interface and an integrated barcode reader for sample traceability. VIDAS automates the entire immunoassay process, from sample loading to result reporting, minimizing manual intervention and reducing the risk of errors. Its real-time tracking of sample progress and onboard data storage enhances workflow efficiency. The system offers assay flexibility, enabling both single and batch testing, adapting to the laboratory’s specific needs. VIDAS features connectivity options such as bidirectional interface with laboratory information systems (LIS) for seamless result transfer. It also offers remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, allowing for proactive system management. In summary, the BioMérieux VIDAS immunoassay system is a versatile and efficient platform for clinical diagnostic laboratories. Its technical specifications, functional attributes, and connectivity options enable reliable and rapid immunoassay testing across a range of clinical applications, enhancing laboratory workflow and contributing to timely patient care.


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