Lab Serve LIB-060M Incubator

Available now: Lab Serve LIB-060M Incubator is a reliable, 62-liter unit with precise temperature control, adaptable shelving, and data connectivity – ideal for research and microbiological applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this product at a reduced cost.


The Lab Serve LIB-060M Incubator is a reliable and versatile solution for controlled incubation and cultivation of various biological and microbiological samples. This technologically advanced incubator is designed to meet the specific needs of laboratory applications, providing a stable and controlled environment. The LIB-060M offers a temperature range from ambient +5°C to 70°C with remarkable temperature uniformity and stability. It incorporates a microprocessor-based PID controller for precise temperature control and a stainless steel chamber for durability and easy maintenance. The incubator features a spacious 62-liter chamber and includes adjustable shelving for flexible sample accommodation. It has an automatic over-temperature protection feature to ensure sample safety. This incubator is equipped with a reliable forced-air convection system, ensuring even temperature distribution throughout the chamber. The internal illumination supports sample monitoring, and the observation window is constructed with double-layered tempered glass for clear visibility and insulation. The independent temperature and timer settings offer flexibility for a wide range of applications, making it suitable for microbiological culturing, research, and various laboratory protocols. The Lab Serve LIB-060M Incubator features a USB port for data export and logging, enabling traceability and data management. It is compatible with external monitoring and control systems, making it suitable for integrated laboratory setups. The user-friendly control interface ensures ease of operation, and the system provides audible and visual alarms for temperature deviations and system errors. In summary, the Lab Serve LIB-060M Incubator is a dependable and technically advanced solution for controlled incubation in laboratory settings. Its robust technical specifications, functional attributes, and connectivity options make it a valuable tool for researchers and scientists seeking a controlled environment for their samples.


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