BMG Labtech Micro Plate Reader

Available now: The BMG Labtech Micro Plate Reader offers versatile optics, assay flexibility. Fast, precise readings, robust connectivity for lab integration. Seize the opportunity to acquire this reader at a reduced cost.


The BMG Labtech Micro Plate Reader is a highly advanced and versatile device designed for precise and efficient analysis of microplates in various laboratory settings. It offers a comprehensive solution for researchers, clinicians, and life scientists seeking reliable and high-performance plate reading capabilities. This plate reader incorporates a monochromator or filter-based optics system, allowing flexible wavelength selection suitable for various assays. It accommodates microplates with different well formats, ranging from 6 to 1536 wells, enabling diverse experimental setups. With a spectral range typically between 200 and 1000 nm, it covers a broad range of assays. The system’s detection modes include absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence, and time-resolved fluorescence. Equipped with advanced software for data analysis, the BMG Labtech Micro Plate Reader offers customizable protocols and assay development capabilities. Its fast plate reading speeds and precise temperature control ensure accurate and rapid measurements. The system’s injection capabilities facilitate kinetic assays or reagent additions during readings, enhancing experimental flexibility. Moreover, the onboard shaking and incubation functions enable homogeneous mixing and controlled sample conditions. The plate reader allows connectivity through USB and Ethernet interfaces, offering seamless data transfer and enabling remote operation. Its compatibility with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and robotic integration facilitates automated workflows, enhancing efficiency and data management. Additionally, the device supports standard communication protocols for comprehensive integration into laboratory environments.


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