Eppendorf Thermomixer Comfort

Available now: Eppendorf Thermomixer comfort – precise temperature control, efficient mixing, and versatile connectivity for molecular biology and life sciences research. Seize the opportunity to acquire this thermomixer at a reduced cost.


The Eppendorf Thermomixer comfort is a versatile and reliable benchtop instrument designed for precise and controlled mixing and temperature incubation of biological samples. This system caters to a wide range of applications in molecular biology, genomics, and life sciences. The Thermomixer comfort offers precise temperature control in a range from 15°C below ambient temperature to 99°C, ensuring flexibility for various temperature-dependent processes. It features a heating rate of up to 3.0°C/s and a cooling rate of 2.5°C/s, providing rapid temperature changes. The system’s mixing capability accommodates a speed range from 300 to 1,500 rpm, with a 1.5 mm orbit diameter for effective sample mixing. It is equipped with an integrated heated lid to prevent condensation and evaporation. This instrument combines precise temperature control and efficient mixing in one unit, making it suitable for applications such as PCR, DNA denaturation, enzyme reactions, and more. The user-friendly interface and intuitive control panel simplify operation, allowing for straightforward programming and monitoring. Its compact design and robust construction contribute to its durability and long-term performance, even in rigorous laboratory environments. The instrument is compatible with a variety of sample vessels, enhancing its versatility. The Thermomixer comfort offers connectivity through USB and RS-232 interfaces for data transfer and external control. The Eppendorf HeatPad for vessels enhances compatibility with the Eppendorf ThermoTop for efficient temperature control. It allows for seamless integration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and other laboratory software for comprehensive data management. In summary, the Eppendorf Thermomixer comfort is a reliable and versatile laboratory instrument, offering precise temperature control and mixing capabilities. With its technical specifications, functional attributes, and connectivity options, it serves as an essential tool for a wide range of applications in molecular biology and life sciences, supporting precise and controlled incubation and mixing of biological samples. https://www.eppendorf.com/product-media/doc/en/085934_Operating-Manual/Eppendorf_Sample-Preparation_Operating-manual_Thermomixer-comfort_Thermomixer-R.pdf


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